HTC Nexus 2016: What We Like & Don’t

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HTC have made things quite clear when it comes to the direction they are going to be taking their handsets in the future. We have heard that the upcoming Nexus handset is going to be the HTC Nexus, so is the handset going to be built upon the 10?

There are people who would like the HTC Nexus 2016 to arrive with dust and water resistance IP68. Other things that people want on the handset include support for SD card and IR blaster that has support for native Android.

The HTC Nexus should come with wireless charging and of course people are hoping that the display of the handset is going to be larger and have support for multi-windows.

The back of the device should come with fingerprint sensor and the HTC Nexus should offer up onscreen buttons. Front facing speakers would be nice on the device and it would be nice if the bezels of the handset were narrow.

Other people have suggested that they would like to see a side fingerprint sensor on the HTC Nexus, but most of all people don’t want the price tag to be in the region of around $700.

The camera on the HTC Nexus should be fast and come with plenty of software and filters, including OIS on the video recording. Of course it goes without saying that the handset should come with a big battery and fast charge to take the device from 5% to around 50% in around 15 minutes.

But what would you like to see on the HTC Nexus?