[PICS] HTC M7 Doesn’t Resemble iPhone 6, Here’s The Real Deal, Probably

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It was just before the weekend when pictures emerged of what was apparently the first look at the HTC M7.

Another HTC M7 render, doesn’t resemble iPhone 6

The leaked images apparently came from a screenshot of a how-to video showing the correct way to insert a SIM card in the HTC M7. At the time of the release of the screengrab, there was a lot of chatter from the community doubting this was the HTC M7. Why? Because it looked like what an iPhone 6 would be like.

Well it looks like there is now another HTC m7 render popping up and as AndroidPolice have pointed out, it looks nothing like the iPhone 6 (see below). Now given that the first render would have to be proven fake if what we see below is the real HTC M7, then there is the chance that this is a fake too.

Given that we haven’t seen what the HTC M7 really looks like (no real captures, just renders), it could just be SEO scammers trying to get in on the action by taking advantage of everyone looking for a glimpse of the M7.

So we suggest taking both images with a grain of salt, just in case the HTC M7 looks nothing like them. If rumor serve true, we should see the real HTC M7 next month.

Another HTC M7 render

Another HTC M7 render

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