HTC M7 Not US Bound Unlike Galaxy S4, Feb 19th Launch Pegged For London?

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Earlier this week rumors broke out that the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch would actually happen in “Apple’s doorsteps” which immediately implied to many that the flagship phone would launch in the US.

Switch: Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch in US, HTC M7 in UK?

If true, it would mean that there would be a Samsung Galaxy S4 dedicated event in March right here in the US. That would be awesome given that it likely means it would arrive in US stores in a timely fashion instead of having North Americans last to the party as was the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now it seems that its closest and biggest Android rival, the HTC M7, may in fact launch earlier than expected but not in the US as was previously rumored.

An Italian inside source has posted a tweet about the switcheroo saying that the HTC M7 will launch in London at its own dedicated event come February 19. If true it will have a headstart over the Samsung Galaxy S4 although release dates are still uncertain. We’ll have to wait and see just how authentic this new intel in regards to the HTC M7 is.

HTC M7 launch tweet

HTC M7 launch tweet

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