HTC M7 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: This Means War

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In regards to sales last year the Samsung Galaxy S3 blew the HTC One X away. One of the biggest reasons for this wasn’t due to the hardware as the HTC One X does come packed with hardware and it does match the Samsung handset very well, thanks to the camera, the display which is 4.7 inches and the design which is great.

The HTC M7 should be able to match the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it comes down to hardware. The handsets have screens that are very similar and they both have 1080p resolution and ppi that is large. They should also have a processor that is quad core.

Rumour has it that the HTC M7 will come with an Ultrapixel camera of 4.2, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 could have 13 megapixels. Both of the devices should have large batteries.

For hardware it could come down to the smallest choices such as whether the device has SD card support or if the battery is removable. But the HTC M7 should be about level with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

One of the biggest downfalls to the HTC One X when it was released in the US last year was that the handset was only with AT&T. The Samsung Galaxy S3 came out and this was available with all the US carriers.

The HTC One X therefore was at a disadvantage for sales thanks to the fact that it was only available on AT&T. Customers wanted a choice when choosing a handset.

This should not happen with the HTC M7 as it should be available on the top carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon later this year.

It is thought that the HTC M7 will make its way out on 19th February and if so then it may be revealed before the Samsung Galaxy S4. This should come out around 15th to 22nd March. It is thought that the HTC M7 may be in stops in March and the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be out during April, May or June over in the US.

The HTC M7 will have advantages as those who are ready to update their device could choose the HTC M7. Many owners of the Verizon version of the iPhone 4 and the HTC Thunderbolt could finish their contracts in just a few weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is not here, however this will not mean that people will forget about it and some will choose to hang on and wait to see what the device has to offer.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a great success due to the marketing campaigns and there will no doubt be a great deal of interest in its successor. Therefore there is nothing to suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t be just as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S3 was in 2012.

If the handset doesn’t have the Nexus brand name then it will not have pure Android. Phone makers put a user interface over Android with some putting a heavier layer than others.

HTC and Samsung usually fall in between in this category. HTC have HTC Sense and you will either love it or you will hate it. HTC have slimmed down their US and HTC Sense 4+ is one of the best to date.

The HTC M7 should have Sense 5 on it and it may look a lot like titles that are seen on the Windows Phone 8 device.

Samsung however did beef up their TouchWiz interface and they have no need to keep pushing the fact that the handset runs on Android.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has Nature UX on it on top of Android and this brings with it the Premium Suite. Jelly Bean 4.1.2 of course has Multi-View on it.

What might be on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is unsure, however it is thought that it could be the TouchWiz interface and most possible Nature UX 2.0.

The HTC M7 may have software that would overwhelm users at first and it might not have much appeal to anyone who prefers the pure Android experience.

There are other choices of handsets on the market. These include the LG Nexus 4. If the device is to be popular then it would need a great UI which is appealing. If Sense 5 can do this is not known.

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