HTC M7: Real Deal Or Just Another Flagship Wannabe?

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The mobile phone world is packed with speculations and rumours and the device at the top of the rumour pile right now is the HTC M7. The device was leaked last year and it has been in the spotlight ever since.

Upcoming HTC M7

This is not just for the fact that the HTC M7 is said to be the flagship Android device of 2013, although this news would be something on its own merit. The device is said to be interesting due to the fact that for over a year the parent company has been trying to get out of the hole they fell down in 2011. If the company were less remarkable then perhaps the device wouldn’t have gained as much interest as it has. However we are talking about HTC and this is a company that has been with us since the very early days of Windows Mobile. They have a great eye for hardware and design that not many companies are able to match.

It was thanks to the boldness and panache that was shown in the leaked renders of the HTC M7, which came out just days ago, that we’re talking about it once again today. This isn’t something that is exceptional; however it did give us a look at something out of the ordinary thanks to the edge-to-edge display which is bordered by two identical rows of perforations, which tell us that this could be a dual speaker. The corners of the device take on a curved appearance, while there is something that says the other edges could be sharp. The design showed us something that reassembles and then rejects the designs of other handsets that are high profile on the market at the moment.

Of course when you have one leak then more tend to follow and it has not been long for others to follow. Yesterday there was a story with a new render. This isn’t official from HTC, however it showed a render of a photo that people familiar with the matter said was accurate.

This version of the HTC M7 showed us a device that was more along the conventional lines and this wasn’t just due to the fact that the handset had thrown out the trendy looking white case of the other render.

In this render the earpiece has gone back to being the slot type, which is familiar. There is no delineation between the top and bottom fascia and glass on the display and the perforations have disappeared. Other than the capacitive buttons, which have been reordered, the handset doesn’t look very much different from the devices that HTC already have on the market. It actually seems less impressive than the stunning design of the HTC One X, which was revealed around a year ago.

More news sources have today posted photos of what seem at first glance to validate the design possibilities of the unimaginative device.

In the latest of the photos, the earpiece has a facelift, along with the Android keys and no sign of perforation. The edge of the display may curve into the chassis in a similar way to the smooth division of the Droid DNA. The back seems to be a cross between the Droid DNA and the HTC 8X.

If these prove to be accurate then this is not necessarily a bad thing. The aesthetics of HTC are great and there has been plenty of praise for the quality of build in the 8X and the Droid DNA. This new device could be a great evolution on both of these designs.

HTC cannot sit back and just rely on more of the same if they are to get out of the hole they are in. They had a mediocre 2012 despite the high profile partnership with Microsoft and the fact that they were the first to offer a phone with 1080p. They need something big to start off 2013 if they are to face the uphill climb. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 may not be revealed at the MWC, it is just a matter of time. If HTC don’t want to be squashed by Samsung again then they will have to raise their game with the HTC M7.

HTC could be putting all their eggs in the features basket, rather than focusing on design. Sense will be getting a face lift and there is no doubt that people will love the 4.7 inches display in 1080p resolution. However if HTC don’t have a stunning exterior for the M7 then they had better make the interior feature-packed.

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