More HTC M7 Photos Leaked, Loses iPhone 5 Facade

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Just before the weekend, photos were leaked of what was said to be the HTC M7. The leaked photos had come courtesy of screen shots that had been taken from a how to video that showed how to put a SIM card into the device. When the screen shot was released there was a lot of talk in the community about the device not being the HTC M7. This was due to the fact that it looked like what the Apple iPhone 6 was thought to look like i.e. a slightly redesigned iPhone 5.

HTC M7 & iPhone 5 design confusion

Now it seems that another render of the HTC M7 has popped up according to AndroidPolice, and it doesn’t have the looks of the Apple iPhone 5. Of course the old render would have to be proven to be a fake if this new one is to be believed, however there is the possibility that it too could be a fake.

As we have not yet seen what the HTC M7 does look like, we have only seen renders; it might be the scammers taking advantage of everyone looking for photos of the device in order to increase traffic to their site.

At the moment you may wish to take the renders with a good pinch of salt, as the real thing may not look anything like the renders we have seen to date. If rumours prove to be true then it is possible that we could see the HTC M7 towards the end of the month.

More HTC M7 renders

More HTC M7 renders

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