Google Nexus 4: Why HTC Should Get The Honors & Not Samsung

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There are many rumours going around about who will be behind the next Google Nexus handset and one of the most popular is HTC. So why should they be a favorite?

HTC Google Nexus 4: Why it should happen

One of the main reasons is that they have a history with Android as when it first came out HTC were the ones to take a chance on it. If it wasn’t for the faith that HTC put into Android, the OS may not have done as well as it has.

Another reason is that HTC are known for their innovations when it comes to industrial design. While the Google Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus were both great for software they were not much in terms of hardware. HTC on the other hand are among the best for pioneering hardware and were the first to offer the 1GHz processor. They were also among the leaders to offer a 3.7 inch display and they were among the first to offer dual microphones that came with noise cancellation. Not to mention the quality of their designs. If they made the Nexus handset it would be of high quality all round with a solid build just like the Google Nexus One was.

At the moment HTC are struggling a little to reclaim some of the ground they lost at the end of 2011, going in to 2012. Samsung have been doing well with the sales of their handsets and have the upperhand over HTC. Of course Samsung themselves are candidates along with Sony and LG.

What do you think, should Android give something back and give HTC a helping hand by giving them the option of releasing the next Nexus handset instead of the already high-flying Samsung, or is there no room in the world of smartphones for emotional attachments?

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