HTC Finally Gives In, Copies Galaxy S7 Edge Design?

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It is looking as though HTC are copying the design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and going with a curved screen for the HTC 11. This is a handset that is thought to be coming our way in 2017 and it will take the looks of the S7 Edge.

The rumor began about the HTC 11 having the same design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in China. At the moment it hasn’t been made clear whether the device will offer a dual curved display or single. The handset should have a QHD panel but we don’t know what technology will run the handset.

Many manufactures are moving towards the OLED panels, however up to now HTC has been using Super LCD5 displays. Now we are hearing that they will move away from them with the HTC 11, which will feature the more efficient and newer panel.

So it is looking as though the HTC 11 is going to have a panel that should offer up a panel that is more vibrant for colors and brightness. But would you be happy if the device moved away from the LCD display to the curved OLED?

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