HTC DROID DNA vs Top 3 Android Phones

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When you are comparing Android handsets there is always one feature that stands out as being the deal breaker. If you have chosen the carrier you want to go with then it will be the features that you have to compare to help you decide which handset you should go for from their range.

HTC DROID DNA vs Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 & LG Optimus G

We recently stumbled across a video which compared the HTC Droid DNA against the best Android out there, the Samsung Galaxy S3, in a video which lasts for 8 minutes.

Along with comparing the HTC Droid DNA to the Samsung Galaxy S3 the same reviewer also made a comparison between the Droid DNA and 2 other Android smartphones that arguably have the best hardware at the moment – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus G. The reviewer also used the US version of the Droid DNA and showed the display, benchmark test results and the camera.

The videos also shows the devices in the same manner, so you will either love it or hate it. Check out the video below and see which of the devices you think is the best.

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