HTC DROID DNA vs Galaxy S3: Can You Kill A King?

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One of the latest smartphones is the HTC Droid DNA. It’s on Verizon for $200 with a two-year-tie-in, which is great, but how does it fare against the reigning Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC DROID DNA

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the year’s best-seller, and it’s still going strong. The HTC DROID DNA is a highly innovative device, though, and HTC has really excelled with the display tech and quality.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks pretty good on the outside, but the HTC DROID DNA looks way better. It has a fresh, modern look, with the handset’s soft-touch unibody exuding high quality.

The DNA screen is better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 as it has an amazing 440ppi and a 1,080×1,920p resolution. This makes for brilliant viewing angles and excellent colours. The Super AMOLED screen in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is often derided for its over-saturated, hyper-real colours, but the DNA screen produces realistic hues and performs very well in direct sunlight.

Performance-wise, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is amazing and is rightly the Samsung flagship, but the HTC DROID DNA is the new breed, and it shows. The US Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a dual-core Snapdragon chip, but the DNA has the newest quad-core Snapdragon processor. Yah boo, Samsung!

The DNA beats the Samsung Galaxy S3 on almost all the benchmark tests, mainly because of the additional two cores and likely the pre-loaded Jelly Bean.

These are two great phones, and each gives a great user experience, but if you’re on Verizon, we recommend the HTC DROID rather than the Samsung Galaxy S3 as it has a better design, more powerful hardware, better display and update OS out of the box. On the other carriers however, the S3 still remains king (unless you consider its brother the Galaxy Note 2 phablet a viable option).

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