Galaxy Note 2 vs DROID DNA: Battle Of Epic Proportions

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If you want a handset with a large screen there are two superb choices that stand out. Two of the devices in the five inch and over category are the HTC Droid DNA and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So which of these two smartphones of epic proportions giants happens to be the best device?

When you look at the specs of the two handsets on paper you will see that they are very similar, so here we will look at the highlights of the HTC Droid DNA and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs HTC DROID DNA (comparison)

You may want to go for the HTC Droid DNA as it has a 5 inch display that comes in a very small frame and the display is 1080p. This could be the device for you if you are a fan of the Droid series of devices and you want a device that is relatively light to hold but don’t mind that the handset doesn’t support SD cards.

On the other hand you could choose to go for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as it has a larger 5.5 inch display. You will love the S Pen features of the phablet and the fact that you can get it in a range of sizes for internal memory; and it supports SD cards. The device is also available on a range of carriers including Verizon.

Of course there are more reasons why you might want either of the two devices. So to recap, you can go for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 if you prefer the deeper blacks and vibrant colors of AMOLED screens, the stylus support, expandable memory and wider carrier availability. Otherwise you can opt for the HTC DROID DNA if you want a 1080p LCD display (more realistic colors and higher brightness levels), better exterior styling and portability.

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