DROID DNA vs Galaxy Note 2: Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fight

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Recently the folks over at Droid-Life posted the results of benchmark tests showing which the best handset was between the LG Nexus 4 and the HTC Droid DNA. This prompted their readers to ask them to do the same for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

HTC DROID DNA vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: phablet showdown

However you might want to bear in mind that benchmark tests should be taken with a pinch of salt as while they do offer valuable information, they are not the only thing that is important when choosing a handset. One thing that the benchmark tests did reveal was the fact that both devices are very fast and they have been highly polished.

Therefore if you were to go ahead and buy either of the handsets, you would not be disappointed with your purchase. Head over to DL to check out the results and find out which was the winner. Personally, I am looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 given that I am in the market for a phablet. Why?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 multi-windows feature, bigger display and extra S-Pen features caught my eye. While the idea of a 1080p display is appealing, I can’t see why I would pick a HTC DROID DNA based on this given that I had a hard time discerning between it and a 720p display such as the one on the Note 2. That’s just my two cents of course.

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