HTC DROID DNA Display Not The Best (Not iPhone 5 Or S3 Either)

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The folks over at Gizmodo just got their hands on the HTC Droid DNA and their first impressions were that it looks very good. And while the 1080p display is the most hyped feature, is it the best display on a phone out there right now?

HTC DROID DNA display can’t match HTC One X

They chose to compare the HTC Droid DNA with the iPhone 5, LG Nexus 4, HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 display. All of the displays were turned to the maximum amount they could be and one of the first things noticed was that the screen of the HTC DROID DNA wasn’t the brightest by a long way. The title for the brightest display actually went to the HTC One X. This was then followed close behind by the iPhone 5; however it was still bright enough to be seen in daylight.

So how did it compare when it comes down to colour? The HTC One X has the Super LCD 2 display and when it comes to colour accuracy this has been known to be among the best. So you may be left wondering why the display of the HTC DROID DNA when it is Super LCD 3, is so blue. The display is behind the HTC One X and the iPhone 5; however it is better than the Nexus device, which comes with a slight greenish tinge to it. On the other hand the display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in comparison is very blue looking.

A macro shot of the devices shows that where the HTC DROID DNA comes into its own is pixel density. The device has 440ppi and these are packed tighter than on the other displays. Of course this was picked up with a macro lens and the eye cannot tell a whole lot of difference.

Therefore Gizmodo’s conclusion is that the LCD 3 display of the Droid DNA is not that much an improvement, if any, over the Super LCD 2 on the HTC One X. There is a little better sharpness, however this does not make up for the dimmer display or poor colour calibration.

This doesn’t mean that the display on the DROID DNA is by any means a bad display. however as it is the most advertised feature of the handset, it is a step back and it is behind the display of the iPhone 5 and the HTC One X.

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