HTC DROID DNA vs iPhone 5: 5 Ways DNA Is Better

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We have looked into why the Apple iPhone 5 is better than the HTC DROID DNA last week and we thought this time around it would be good to reverse this and find out what merits the DNA has over Apple’s best. So here are 5 reasons why you would pick a HTC DROID DNA over an Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 vs HTC DROID DNA: how DNA is better

You have app associations under control which means that you can choose defaults for several functions. This means that you can choose Chrome to be your default browser and this means you can sync over different platforms.

You have control over your files. There are numerous things that you can do with photos in the image gallery, and this includes moving them, deleting them or even printing them.

You can customise the lock screen on your device and have it showing the information that you want along with adding shortcuts.

You can control the keyboard and change it; you could even use Swype or Swiftkey.

There are many widgets that you can have on your home screen. Therefore you can have information and access it without having to open a particular app. This is something that you cannot do on the Apple iPhone 5 and iOS.

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