iPhone 5 vs HTC DROID DNA: Old School vs New School

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The iPhone 5 still resembles its predecessors and its display although bigger is small by today’s standards. iOS 6 looks just like iOS 5 and what was before it. In other words Apple is sticking by its iconic looks and software for the time being.

HTC DROID DNA vs iPhone 5: New school vs old school

The HTC Droid DNA however is the new generation thanks to its amazing 1080p display among other great features. So which of these two devices should you buy?

Many people go on about the premium quality and build of the iPhone 5. While this term is overused, it does happen to be the best way to describe the iPhone. While you might not think the looks are anything special, once you get the handset in your hands it’s a different story and you will see the difference.

The HTC Droid DNA however is not a phone that has been made on the cheap. It does happen to be one of the sleekest devices on the market at the moment thanks to the soft touch back and the grilles, which are perforated on the sides. The device has a grown up look about it and there is no denying that is it astonishing.

However there is more to a device than the looks. The iPhone 5 comes with the 1136 x 640 resolution, with a display of 4 inches. While the display isn’t HD, it does come with 325ppi, thanks to the fact that its size is small.

The HTC Droid DNA comes with the full 1080p display and it packs 440ppi, so it does beat the display of the iPhone 5. Having said this, the display of the iPhone is brighter when outdoors and it does offer better viewing angles.

Multimedia on the HTC Droid DNA is better, and not just because the display is larger, but also thanks to it being HD and it having superb audio quality thanks to the amplifiers by Beats Audio.

When it comes down to power the Droid DNA happens to be a beast of a phone with 2GB of RAM, plus the quad core processor from Snapdragon, which is the S4 Plus. However when it comes to the real world you will not notice such a great difference between the Droid DNA and the iPhone 5.

The user interface is different on both devices as the HTC Droid DNA comes with Android 4.1 along with Sense 4+ and the iPhone 5 runs on iOS 6. While the latter is old school, it is the easiest of operating systems to use and it has the friendly interface and is straightforward. However it is lacking when it comes to customisation due to limited flexibility.

The bottom line is that the HTC Droid DNA is truly a next generation handset and you will get your money’s worth with it. The iPhone is iconic and there are many who will be tempted by the quality ecosystem and more portable display.

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