HTC DROID DNA Price Takes A Healthy Dip

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If you are looking for the HTC Droid DNA to go under your Christmas tree then now is the best time to get the device as Amazon have dropped it down to $150.

HTC DROID DNA price drops to $150 on Amazon

This deal is available to new customers and those who want to upgrade too. Verizon directly are offering the HTC DROID DNA for $199 with a contract of two years and so the Amazon deal means you would save a hefty $50.

Earlier this week we reviewed the HTC DROID DNA and were very impressed with the handset. We reported that the battery life of the device beat our expectations and said that the display was excellent despite many critics saying it was uneccessary to go past 720p.

While the HTC DROID DNA was large, it didn’t feel as large in the hands as you would have thought a phablet would. In comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, we recommended the DROID DNA because of its IPS display that was brighter and had more realistic color reproduction than the Super AMOLED Note 2 phablet.

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