HTC DROID DNA Coming In 3 Colors? [PICS]

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The Chinese website ePrice has said that the global variation of the HTC Droid DNA may not be seen before December at the earliest.

More HTC DROID DNA colors a possibility

Of course the US version of the handset is thought to be coming out on 20th November and there is news that the device could be available in a range of colours. There has been some leaked renders of the device in colours including white, brown and black. All of the devices have the same DLX codename as the global DNA.

It is thought that as these devices share the same codename that they will also have the same specs. These include a display of five inches at 1080p, quad core processor, 2GB of RAM and the device runs Jelly Bean. This is not the same device as the one with the HTC J Butterfly name as this device is offered in red with a slightly different code.

The HTC Droid DNA in the US is thought to be only available in a single black/red combo in the US. However after seeing the render online of the white version and the red version of the Butterfly, let’s hope that more colors will be coming our way in the future.

HTC DROID DNA in brown & black?

HTC DROID DNA in brown & black?

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