HTC DROID DNA Battery Life Better Than Galaxy S3 But…

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The HTC Droid DNA is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3 however HTC are promoting the device to those who are in the market for a device such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

HTC DROID DNA battery life better than Galaxy S3 but still average only

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has many things in its favour, including the fact that the battery life of the device is impressive. This has been some concern for the DNA for HTC on the run up to the release of their device. However it seems that they should not have worried about the battery life as it appears that reviews of the battery have been impressive due to the optimization techniques that have been used by HTC.

GSMArena said that the battery life of the HTC DROID DNA is better than they thought it would be. But just how did they reach this conclusion?

The DNA has a battery of 2020mAh and this has to power the large 5 inch 1080p screen. GSMArena undertook some tests and even though the DNA didn’t come out as the winner, it did come out above the Samsung Galaxy S3 in every one of them.

When looking at the talktime of the device the DNA happened to come in 11th with 11 hours of talktime so it isn’t really breaking any records here. The Razr Maxx was the winner with an amazing 21 hours of talktime. The DNA lasted 6 hours and 40 minutes when browsing the web and the iPhone 5 won this with 9 hours and 56 minutes.

When it came to video the HTC DROID DNA came in 4th place and the Razr Maxx won again, the DNA offered 7 hours and 30 minutes. The DNA scored a total of 49 hours on a single charge when it came to calling, watching videos and browsing for one hour.

In the past Apple have always been the best when it comes to optimization of software; however it seems that HTC are now pulling up their socks. They have been able to optimise their software in order to get the best out of the battery they chose to use.

Battery life test

Battery life test

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