HTC Tablet Avoids Looking Like iPad, Resembles iMac Instead! [PICS]

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PocketLint have shown leaked photos of a tablet from HTC which may suggest that they will be coming back into the market of tablets with a device that is based on the design of the One series, which they announced in February.

Unknown HTC Android tablet doesn’t look like iPad but will still upset Apple

The leaked images look as though they may have been taken from a promotional video and were from a Twitter account. At the moment no specs or details about the tablet have been released, however from the pictures it does look as though the tablet will have Android installed as the OS.

The tablet does have an unusual lopsided design, if the photos prove to be real, and this looks very much like the design of the Apple iMac with the camera located on the bottom of the screen when the tablet is held in landscape mode. When held in the portrait mode this edge would come in for holding the device, but it does look a little odd.

The photos look like the device could be 10 inches, which would be bigger than the 7 inch tablet from HTC which was known as the HTC Flyer, the first tablet from HTC. The Flyer comes with a stylus; however there is no indication that this new tablet has a stylus.

Unknown HTC Android tablet

Unknown HTC Android tablet

While it doesn’t look like the iPad which got Samsung in hot water (Galaxy Tab 10.1), this is looking an awful look like the iMac which has a very unique trade dress of its own.


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