HTC Drops Jelly Bean Bomb, Nukes Hopes Of Many Android Currently On Market

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Those with older devices waiting for Android updates often see it as hit and miss. If you don’t have the very latest phone or tablet, there is no guarantee that you will get the latest update. HTC for one has revealed their roadmap to Jelly Bean for existing devices and it isn’t all too good.

HTC Android Jelly Bean update roadmap

HTC have said that they are giving priority to the HTC One X and the One S when it comes to Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Only after these devices have the update, will they then start to roll out the update to handsets that were launched in 2012. If you have a device from 2011 however then you will be left hanging in the balance as HTC have said that they will decide if older devices will get the update once all the 2012 devices have been updated.

Therefore what this means is that if you own the One V or the Desire C than you are plain out of luck, and the same goes for any device with 512MB of RAM or less.

Additionally, Droid-Life said that at the moment it isn’t clear if owners of the Thunderbolt with 768MB of RAM would get the Jelly Bean update either. So it looks like only a handful of older HTC devices will be so lucky as to see Jelly Bean.

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