HTC X8 Brings Back Google Nexus One Style LED Notifications [PICS]

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The HTC Accord may well be the next Windows 8 handset to come from HTC. The handset is thought to be coming out towards the end of September and it may come with the name of the HTC X8 if Twitter documents that have been leaked are true reports PocketLint.

HTC X8 bringing LED notifications like Nexus One

Documents of what are said to be the front page of the quick guide manual for the device were posted on Twitter and leaked by someone over at XDA Developers. This is said to be the same person that posted leaks of a diagram of the handset which showed details of the phone including the volume buttons and the docking port. This diagram also appeared to have come from the quick start user guide.

If the leaked documents are indeed the real thing then the handset will have a dedicated button for the camera and come with the standard back, search and start buttons. It will also have a camera on the front and it will have LED notifications, which fans of Blackberry will love as well as those who missed the LED notifications HTC so eloquently integrated into the Google Nexus One.

At the moment there is no confirmation of these being the real deal; however leaked images from the developer have proven to be correct in the past. We’ll keep you posted on this upcoming Windows Phone 8 device.

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