HTC 10 vs Microsoft Lumia 950: But Which Wins?

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Two devices that are superb are the HTC 10 and the Microsoft Lumia 950, but which of the two wins when comparing them against each other?

The HTC 10 brings with it some great improvements over the previous version and one of the best is the display. The device comes with a camera offering laser focus and it has a big sensor and aperture. But does the Microsoft Lumia 950 have anything to offer to beat it?

The HTC 10 has a camera with a lower resolution than the Microsoft Lumia 950 and this means larger pixels that end up with a photo that has less noise. The Microsoft Lumia 950 comes with a sensor and aperture that is a bit smaller so the resolution is higher.

The HTC 10 offers ultrapixels and the Microsoft Lumia 950 comes with Pureview technology along with Carl Zeiss optics, oversampling and Carl Zeiss lens.

If you want to be able to take RAW files you have to go with the HTC 10, the Pro mode allows you to save RAW, JPEG and DNG.

The camera on the Microsoft Lumia 950 offers a camera that is better on the back and it offers photos with colours that are more accurate along with better low light photos.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 and the HTC 10 offer a front camera of 5MP and the HTC has optical image stabilisation. The camera on the HTC has Desire Eye along with LED flash and it comes out ahead due to the flash lighting up the display of the handset.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 does come out slightly ahead and this is a real shame for the HTC 10. The latter is a great device but then the 950 sets high standards that are difficult to beat.

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