HTC 10 Users Getting Shortchanged With Less RAM In Different Regions

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There has been talk in a forum of owners of the HTC 10 getting shortchanged depending on the region they live. It seems that some people are getting less RAM on the device, typically those who live in India.

It looks like the HTC 10 is being sold in India as the HTC 10 Lifestyle and it has the Snapdragon 625 processor and 3GB of RAM instead of the 4GB in other regions.

This doesn’t seem to make much sense when other phone makers are selling products in India and they offer the same flagship specs. If India is going to be offered a cut down version of the HTC 10 then the device may fail as people in India do care about specs and the market is sensitive.

It is looking as though HTC are going to offer the HTC 10 in much the same way as Xiaomi did with the 650 handset, this is what they did with the Mi 4I.

But what do you think? Should the HTC 10 be offered in some regions with cutdown specs?