HTC 10 Successor Left Out Cold For 2017?

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It is looking like HTC is going to take a year off as we are not expecting to see a new flagship handset launched in the US during 2017. This means that there will not be a successor to the HTC 10.

Baystreet Research said that they don’t think HTC is going to launch a new smartphone. This is due to the company not having an infrastructure in place which would allow them to launch a cross network handset.

HTC have made layoffs and enabled cost cutting measures in the sales division and this means that they wouldn’t be able to offer a major release of a new handset on all carriers. It is thought that HTC could go back to the ODM status and this would mean that they only make devices to order. An example of this would be if Google orders a Pixel handset made by HTC they would build it.

But are you disappointed to hear the news that HTC may not be launching a successor to the HTC 10?