HTC 10 Now Available In Stores, S7 Still Cheaper

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The HTC 10 has been made available in stores and it comes with a price tag that is higher than that of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Perhaps HTC should consider making a cheaper version of the phone to make it more affordable to people. A Romanian phone retailer has been offering the HTC 10 for $830 on pre-order and this is the model with 32GB of storage and you can get it in silver, grey and gold.

It is thought that the HTC 10 is going to be on sale from 15 April, so with some luck this price tag may actually come down. However, if it doesn’t then the device is going to be priced higher than the LG G5, the basic version of the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Bear in mind that HTC are disadvantaged in that they are launching the HTC 10 late, so they may not want to put such a high price tag on it.

But would it be worth such as steep price tag? The HTC 10 offers the same aluminium design seen on the A9, it comes with a display of LCD at 5.15 inches, 4GB of RAM, a camera of 12MP and the Snapdragon 820 processor.