HTC 10 Is A Regular Oreo

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We’ve all been wanting to see the HTC 10 (allegedly, since reports claimed they’ve dropped the “One M”) since forever. It didn’t show up during the much-anticipated Consumer Electronics Show, neither did it plan to launch at the recent Mobile World Congress. But they did release that teaser image (yes, that) so we’d get a hint on what’s to come.

But really, we seriously don’t know what’s to come, exactly. So we rely heavily on renders now, because they are what seems to be our best indication as of now. What we’ve seen so far are 3D renders of the HTC 10 in Silver, and live photos in Black. But recently, people were aiming for a Gold one too, you know, the kind of gold hue smartphones typically have.

And it’s worth mentioning that some of them have a Black front, while additional renders preferred a White front too. We’re not sure how to make of this, but we don’t really have any special liking towards the rendered designs; probably a little too regular if we may say so.

What about you? Do you like what you’re seeing so far?

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