HTC 10: Free Screen Replacement, Bootloader Unlock Warranty

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There is good news for those who are waiting for the arrival of the HTC 10 as it has been said that the handset is coming with an unlocked bootloader warranty and a free screen replacement, should the display get broken.

As the display is typically one of the first things to crack if dropped, the free screen replacement offered with the HTC 10 is superb. One owner in a forum said that the replacement works by the owner contacting HTC and giving them the IMEI number of the phone. A courier is sent to collect the phone and the phone is sent back with new display in about 4 weeks, at no cost to the owner.

Along with this, while you are waiting for the replacement screen to be installed you can opt to have a credit card charged and be given a replacement phone straight away so that you are not without a device.

This is good news for those in the US who are purchasing the HTC 10, but it seems that the same generosity hasn’t been extended to those who buy the handset outside of the USA.