HTC 10: Do Or Die?

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Anyone thinking about upgrading their older Android device may want to consider handsets such as the HTC 10 or the Samsung Galaxy S7, but is the 10 worth going for?

If you like to listen to music a lot then you might want to consider the One M8 or the Samsung Galaxy S7. The speakers on the HTC 10 are not the best as they are not front facing. The Nexus 6P is also another consideration.

HTC made have made a boo boo by not adding in front facing speakers, as music lovers may not want to go for it and they could be the death of it.

The speakers on the HTC 10 are dual but they are on the side. However it does come with Boomsound, so this may come with software manipulation to ensure that there is stereo sound.

On the plus side the HTC 10 does have lots of good going for it. It is close to the Nexus for getting Android updates fast, it has good overall performance, it doesn’t attract fingerprints and it has a great UI.

It does lack waterproofing that the Samsung Galaxy offers and it doesn’t offer an AMOLED display like the S7.

So is the HTC 10 going to be your choice of a device?