HTC 10 Could Beat Samsung, LG To Nougat

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Everyone who bought a handset during the last year or so is waiting to hear about the Android Nougat update. Nexus handsets will be the first to get it, but what about after that? Well the Pixel and Pixel XL is coming with the update of course and we recently heard that the HTC 10 could be among the first in line to be offered the update.

A developer of HTC ROMs went onto Twitter to talk about the fact that the HTC 10 could be among the first handsets to get Nougat apart from the Nexus and Pixel devices. This would mean that HTC could be above the handsets from LG, Sony and Motorola. If HTC was able to pull off such a stunt it would be impressive.

Of course we have seen devices from Samsung and HTC in benchmarks and they have been running Android 7.0 so this is a good thing. It is possible that perhaps many of the most popular devices are getting the update to Android 7.0, but which comes first isn’t known.

It has been said that there isn’t going to be an update from Marshmallow to Nougat. This may just apply to the HTC 10, however other phone makers could take the same path as they are going to be working on Android 7.1.

But what do you think; will the HTC 10 be among the first devices to get updated to Android Nougat?

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