HP Android Smartphone & Tablets Coming!

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ollowing the fail they had with their OS and tablet in 2011, HP is now planning on having another go with new handsets and tablets which will run Android reports BusinessInsider.

This may be considered to be an odd move; however it could be one that is needed. Competitors have been eating into HP and this is one of the largest factors that has caused them turmoil.

ReadWrite said that HP will launch a top of the line tablet running Android and this could be released very soon. The company may then launch a handset and other form factors.

This is something that The Verge has also backed up.

HP have designed some new Windows 8 tablets and these are on the way, however it is very interesting to find out that HP still plan on making devices running Android. This move may be the reaction by HP to the $2 billion loan to Dell from Microsoft and the fact that they have lack of faith in the ecosystem of Windows Phone 8.

HP did launch the TouchPad in 2011 with WebOS software and the device did get some decent reviews. However just 7 weeks following the launch, HP dumped it and now WebOS is open source.

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