How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S6 (Steps)

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These two are the best phones Samsung has ever made since its inception; bold but pretty true. But let’s face it, no matter how awesome your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S6 may be, it’s still going to come with a carrier lock. You shouldn’t fret though, as this is exactly what this post is all about in getting your awesome smartphone unlocked, through some few simple steps.

If you’re wondering why you should get your phone unlocked, here are some benefits that you need to know like the back of your hand. Unlocking your phones would enable you to switch between different carriers, at anytime you like. And since those carrier plans tempt you from time to time, you’ll never know which would get you to sign on to theirs at any specific time.

And let’s not forget about the roaming fees too. That’s especially true if you’d like to avoid them while travelling abroad, so if you unlock your phone, you could have the privilege to use a local SIM (which means you could save a whole lot of money). Also the possibility of you having to sell your awesome phone in the near future. You’ll be able to sell it off at better price rather than when it’s still a locked phone.

Here are the steps needed to unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S6, and the easiest way is through a code:

1. You’ll need to obtain yourself a code from an online provider, such as or, both of which starts from $18.

2. Place an order to any of the order pages and provide the following details: a valid email address, the name and the country of the carrier you originally got your phone from, and the phone’s IMEI (it’s a 15-digit number which can be found by dialling *#06#).

3. Wait for your code, which would take you around 1-3 working days, or if you’re lucky, you could receive it shortly after the order is submitted.

4. Once you’ve got the code, remove the SIM tray on your current phone.

5. Replace the SIM card with one from the carrier you wish to use.

6. When prompted, enter the new SIM unlock code you received from your service provider.

7. And now you’ll be holding your Samsung device unlocked.

Let us know how you thought of the entire process or if you have a better method in unlocking the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S6, in the comments section below.

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