How To Enhance MacBook Pro Battery Life [Guide]

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Some people haven’t been too happy with the battery life of the Apple MacBook Pro as some owners have only managed to get three hours instead of the promised 10. Some people believe that it is the Touch Bar that has been draining the battery down, but really the cause isn’t known. Even so there are some things that you might want to try to get more out of the battery, according to Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports tested three MacBook Pros and they too noticed issues. They made some adjustments, and while they didn’t fix the issue, they helped. During the test they downloaded 10 website pages repeatedly using wifi and each of the machines were tested more than once.

They did get some odd results from all the MacBook Pro models and this included the 13 inch that came with and without the Touch Bar and the 15 inch model that has the Touch Bar.

The MacBook Pros started with 15 to 17 hour results, however later results came in a lot lower, 4 and 6 hours long. The results made them look deeper into things and they came up with some tips to help owners get the most out of the battery life. Using the following they did manage to get results that were more consistent.

If you are having issues with the battery life you might want to reset the NVRAM. You can do this by holding the Command, Option, P and the R keys when starting the machine up and hold them for around 20 seconds before releasing them.

You could also try to reset the dock preferences. You can do this by opening the terminal on the MacBook Pro and then type in cd ~/Library/Preferences/, you can then hit the return button. Type rm and then hit the return button again. Finally type in killall Dock.

You might also want to reset the system management controller and you can do this by plugging a USB-C power adapter into the power and the laptop and then pressing shift-control-option on the left side of your keyboard while at the same time holding down the power button. You can then let go of all the keys and power on the MacBook Pro.

So if you are having issues with the battery life of your Apple MacBook Pro you might want to check out the above and give them a try thanks to Consumer Reports.

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