How To Deal With Laggy Nexus 6P Camera

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If you are the owner of the Nexus 6P you might be fed up with the camera lagging. This is your lucky day as there is a fix for the slow camera.

A mod with the name of Camera NX V4 has been launched by Charles Chow and it comes with the zero shutter lag that the Pixel handsets offers. This means that you can get the same camera offered by the newer handsets on your Nexus 6P.

You should download the zip file for the Nexus 6P or the Nexus 5X and then extract the jar file.

Put the file into the /system/framework/directory using root explorer and then change the permission to rw-r-r.

You should then download the Camera NX Fix zip and then extract the xml file. You should then put it into /System/etc/permission/directory by root explorer and then alter its permission to rw-r-r.

You can now reboot your Google Nexus 6P and your issue with the camera should now be solved.

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