How Tesla Model 3 Would Destroy The Leaf & Bolt’s Chances

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The Tesla Model 3 is going up against the Leaf and the Bolt and the vehicle from Tesla is going to offer up a more premium look along with having the bigger battery. However it won’t beat the Bolt or the Leaf due to these facts, it will beat them thanks to the fact that Tesla will have a vast Supercharger Network and this is going to attract people.

The Supercharger presence is going to grow sizably in the US during this year and it will attract people to purchase the Tesla Model 3 over the Bolt or the Leaf. During 2017 the numbers of Superchargers will double in the US and there will be 373 locations in the US, Mexico and Canada and a total of 2, 636 in North America. Tesla has 810 global sites offering a total of 5,195 Supercharger stations.

Tesla is known to offer the fastest chargers on the market thanks to multiple charges being able to parallel and carry 120kWh of power to the battery of the Tesla vehicle. This means that in just 30 minutes the owner can charge their vehicle to 80% charge.

Tesla has started to install 240 volt Level 2 charging stations and these will supplement the Supercharger network. They are also planning on bringing the Level 2 chargers to parking garages and hotels, plus other locations.

If you buy a Tesla electric vehicle after January 15 2017 Tesla will give you 400 kilowatts of free charge and then you have to pay, while Supercharging had been free in the past and unlimited.

The Tesla Model 3 has a range of 125 miles per charge, while the Model S and X go further on a single charge. With the extension of the Supercharger stations Tesla hopes to drag in those who might have been considering the Bolt or the Leaf.

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