How Google Ruined Nexus 6 Owners

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There are many ways to frustrate smartphone owners, and companies that are adept at causing folks to pull out their hair are those who tend to make the most money. Okay, that’s not the rule of thumb, but it’s easy to point out several prime examples.

One of them is Google. We don’t really know how much money the tech giant is making off of the venerated Nexus lineup, but we know that too many users are bereft, Nexus 6 users specifically.

That’s because they’ve been left hanging. All the things that make the Nexus 6 a standout star would no longer see a reprise from Google, especially now that the new Pixel brand has set its sails for Apple’s harbor.

Would there be another 6.0-inch phablet from Google? Would there be another flagship that can emulate the form factor of the Nexus 6? Maybe, but these possibilities look unlikely.

Let’s not forget wireless charging as well. When’s that coming back? Google said that it ditched the feature on the Nexus 5X and 6P because the use of USB Type-C makes it irrelevant, but that’s not true. Look at the recent Samsung flagships: they can accommodate fast wireless charging without bloating their profiles.

So Nexus 6 users who initially believed that things would only get better for stock Android phablet lovers have been left out cold. But hey, at least the phone is pretty enduring, right? It’s probably the most reliable phone in the Nexus family and can stay up-to-date via custom ROMs.

Unfortunately, it lacks a staple feature found in its newer peers: fingerprint sensing. If they want that specific convenience, they would have to leave all they love about the Nexus 6 behind.