How Apple Sorts Out Apple Pencil For iPad Pro

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The iPad Pro came out some time back and Apple talked about what the Apple Pencil offered. The Pencil is of course a stylus and it gives owners of the iPad Pro more control over various operations on their device. Carrying the pencil around has been a chore though as it doesn’t come with a holder. Now we have seen a patent from Apple that seems to suggest that this is about to change.

A new filing from Apple leads us to believe that a looped holster is coming our way for the Apple Pencil and it will be attached to the Smart Keyboard. Along with this it will have a spring clip combined with the Smart Cover. Apple has filed many patents of course that they haven’t used, so it isn’t set in concrete that this one will be used.

Along with this we have heard Apple make reference to the Pencil being used with a tablet or smartphone. This leads us to think that perhaps the iPhone is going to come with support for the Apple Pencil.

The Apple Pencil has been exclusive to the iPad Pro up to now, but it is possible that it could extend to other devices from Apple. We have also heard that Apple may introduce a second generation pencil later on this year.

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