Horror Games 2016: Condemned 3, Resident Evil 7 and Doom

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We are well into 2016 now and there has been many people asking what horror games are going to be coming out for the Xbox One and PS4.

We have heard that Resident Evil may be coming our way and this should be a popular game to arrive on the PS4 and the Xbox One. It was said that it might come with multiplayer support, however not everyone has welcomed this as people have said that it may ruin the horror aspect of the game.

Condemned 3 is another game that people want to see come out and it has been said that we may it support Oculus Rift. If it did the blood and gore would be brought closer to life and ensure that the gamer was totally immersed in it.

Doom is another game that is popular and some people have said that it may be coming our way and bring with it new weapons and scarier monsters.

Which game would you like to come your way? Will it be Doom, Condemned 3 or Resident Evil 7?

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