Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Could Already Be Under Development

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The Horizon Zero Dawn game looks to be very promising and when it arrives it is likely to be the game that people will not be able to stop talking about for years. People are expecting great things from it and so much so that there has already been talk about it getting a sequel.

Reports have said that if Sony are going to be very happy if things should turn out that way. Jon Edwards said that he believes that there is a lot of potential for the game. He went on to say that the game could be a new franchise for them but at the same time he clarified that no announcement has been made.

Pre-orders of Horizon Zero Dawn are looking good, but of course the game is going to have to deliver what it promises. In the past games have crashed and burned when they were released after all the hype that surrounded them before they arrived.

But what do you think, is Horizon Zero Dawn going to deliver what has been promised and will it lead to a Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

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