Honda’s Japan-Only Model Leading The Pack

Honda might have a long list of vehicles that they offer here in the US but the fact is that they have even more models that they are only offering in Japan and one of those models actually became on of the best-selling vehicle overall in the country for three years in a row.

The car that we are talking about here is the Honda N-Box model that Honda sold 253,500 units of last year. The vehicle first arrives back in 2011 and has been going pretty strong since then. The second-gen version was brought in 2027 and has remained pretty popular.

Customers got to choose from three trim options starting from the N-Box, N-Box Slash, and the N-Box Custom. The base N-Box model will retail for $12,890 while the top of the range version will retail for $18,240.

Other than the N-Box, there are three more Kei cars that Honda is also offering in Japan now including the N-One, N-WGN, and the S660 mid-engine roadster.