Honda Urban EV & Sport EV Will Look Familiar

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While Honda has been trying to step things up when it comes to the design of their vehicle, we all know that Honda likes to play it safe so it was nice to see that Honda was ready to take a different path when it comes to their upcoming EV concepts.

Most of the new EV concept is marketing to look like the future but Honda has other things in mind for their upcoming concept. We saw the Urban EV concept a few months ago and the Sport EV concept soon after that and it was clear that Honda wanted to give their consumers something to remember the past with.

The design of the concept looked retro but according to Makoto Iwaki, the executive creative director of automobile design, the reason Honda decided to come out with a design like this is because they think the EV models need something different and but still familiar.

At this point, there is not a whole lot of information about the concept but we are happy with where Honda is heading so far.

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