Honda Passport SUV: Does Honda Has The Space For It?

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It is clear that Honda is focusing most of their attention on the crossover SUV market right now. Previous reports have suggested that Honda might be working on another crossover SUV and now we are getting more details about it.

We have not heard from Honda yet but it is said that the new vehicle would be called the Honda Passport and that it will be coming in as a midsize crossover SUV model. With all the crossover and SUVs that Honda has to offer right now, where would the Honda Passport be fitted in?

The SUV was spotted when it was out getting tested and based on the size of the vehicle, some people predicted that the vehicle would come in to sit in between the Honda Pilot and the Honda CR-V.

The spy shots also suggest that the vehicle will come with its own design and style with LED headlights and a sporty looking mesh grille in the front. No word on when the new Honda Passport will be arriving.