Honda Odyssey, Pilot Aren’t As Popular As They Seem

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While two of the most researched vehicles during 2016 on Google were the Honda Odyssey and the Honda Pilot, it seems that they may not be as popular as they may seem at first. This is because when it comes to actuals sales they are both behind the sales of Toyota.

Both Honda and Toyota have launched the year-end sales for last year and it was a very close race between the two. Toyota did manage to come out ahead in four out of five of the most popular vehicles for families. The Camry was on top of the sales with 388, 618 units and the Honda Accord and lost ground.

The Toyota Corolla sold 378, 210 units and the Honda Civic sold 366, 927 units. The Toyota Highlander rose the most in sales with 191, 379 units sold and the Honda Pilot, despite it coming with a new design, trailed with 120, 722, with a decline of 11%.

The Toyota Sienna beat the sales of the Honda Odyssey minivan at 127, 791 compared to 120, 846. The Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V came close as the RAV4 sold 357, 355 and the CR-V 352, 154 units.

The total sales from Toyota vehicles came in at 2, 449, 630 and the Honda sales were 1, 637, 942. So Toyota is in fact the leader for sales even though Honda was the most researched on Google.

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