Honda Odyssey May Be Part Pacifica Hybrid

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Google came up with a self-driving car company by the name of Waymo and it has made some good progress. Right now they are at work with Chrysler and they are going to launch the autonomous version of the Pacifica Hybrid. Honda does want to get back into the market and they are going to do it with the Honda Odyssey.

We have heard that Honda and Waymo are working together and they want to put self-driving software into their vehicles. This means that they are working alongside the engineers at Waymo.

Up to now there hasn’t been any confirmation about what vehicle Honda is going to offer for the autonomous software. It was said that it might be the Honda Civic, while others have suggested that it could be the Honda CR-V. The Honda Odyssey is going to be a good choice as then it would be the perfect vehicle to go up against the Chrysler Pacifica.

The FCA are in front of Honda of course as they are launching 100 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids that are going to have the autonomous mode. However, it is thought that the Honda Odyssey won’t be too far behind and it will go up against the Pacifica.