Honda HR-V vs Pajero Sport vs Audi Q7: Don’t Worry About Bones Breaking

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The Audi Q7, Honda HR-V and the Pajero Sport all share something in common, the vehicles are nigh on indestructible. While this news is great for those who are riding in the vehicle it is also good for pedestrians too.

The Audi Q7, Pajero Sport and the Honda HR-V all managed to get scores of 5 stars in the ANCAP ratings.

This means that the Honda HR-V, the Audi Q7 and the Pajero Sport do all share something in common and this is superb safety scores.

All three of the vehicles also didn’t accumulate points when it came to such as EBA, ESC and AEB, plus other things.

But which would you choose; would it be the Pajero Sport, the Honda HR-V or the Audi Q7?