Honda Fit Getting Knocked Down By Honda Civic

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In the US one of the most popular hatchbacks is the Honda Fit, thanks to it being a versatile vehicle. The high-tech vehicle is well known for offering fuel economy that is superb. However now it has been knocked down by the Honda Civic as sales have slowed down.

Sales of the Honda Civic have done well as the Civic does offer a great deal more for only $2000 more. The Civic arrived late last year and when it did it came with a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that offered 174 horses. The Civic beat the EPA fuel economy ratings of the Honda Fit, due to the fact that it offers 42mpg.

This of course led buyers to go for the Honda Civic instead of the Honda Fit, the latter of which needs to get a big update if it is to rise back up.

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