Honda E Hatch Performance Version Happening?

Ever since Honda took the covers off their new EV, the Honda E Hatch, fans have been begging Honda to also work on a performance version of the vehicle and it looks like Honda heard them after all.

According to Top Gear, instead of just writing it off, Honda E’s assistant project leader Takahiro Shinya reported that the answer to that request might be more positive than we think. He added that the new platform would allow the vehicle to take more power and that they do love their Type R.

While they will come out with any Type R if they can, at the end of the day, they will only make it happen if their customers want it to happen and with so many fo their fans asking for it, we would not be surprised if we really see a Honda E Type R model in the near future.

The current Honda E comes with a 134hp or 152hp output which is already pretty decent for an electric car.