Honda CR-Z: Just What Ruined It?

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The design of the Honda CR-Z wasn’t what ruined the vehicle so what was it? There was plenty of interest surrounding the CR-Z when it first arrived on the scene but the minute that people found out about the engine in the vehicle the interest began to drop.

The engine in the Honda CR-Z is the 1.5 litre hybrid and it offers up 130 horses along with 140 torque. The exterior of the vehicle has you believing that it would offer up a lot more thanks to the sporty looks though. People thought that perhaps Honda would offer up an option that was more powerful but of course this is something that didn’t happen.

Honda then began to announce that the Honda CR-Z would be dropped in the Japanese markets and then they revealed that the same was going to happen in the US.

But do you think that the Honda CR-Z would have done better on the markets if it had been offered with another choice of engine?