Honda CR-V Is More Than US Market Can Handle

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Honda is making some changes so that they can better meet the demand in the North American market. The sales of Honda in the US have been 59% light trucks and 41% passenger vehicles but now the car maker is increasing imports from Japan of the Honda CR-V as the plants in Indiana are unable to meet the demand.

Honda believe that the fuel prices are going to keep low for some time in the future and this is going to be a good thing for the Honda CR-V and SUVs. Now that Trump is the president it is thought that the oil friendly policies will come into play and this is going to help to keep the fuel prices down.

However at the moment the Honda CR-V is more than the market in the US can handle. The CR-V has been built in Indiana and Mexico but they have been struggling to meet the demand for the vehicle as more and more people turn to SUVs.

But do you think that the Honda CR-V and other SUVs are going to remain a popular choice in the market? Will fuel prices remain low now that Trump is the leader?

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