Honda CR-V Does Its Best Ford Mustang Impression

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Usually when reporting about freak accidents it is the Ford Mustang that is involved but this time around it looks as though the Honda CR-V has been doing its best Mustang impression.

One driver of the Honda CR-V was left blushing in China when he managed to crash his vehicle into the roof of a house that was next to the road. Yes you read that right, the roof.

The footage showed the black Honda CR-V SUV cross over and go onto the wrong side of the road and then the driver completely lost control and it slid sideways. While the driver tried to brake to avoid the crash, he didn’t manage it and the vehicle ploughed straight into the brick houses roof.

The police quickly arrived at the scene and the driver escaped the vehicle and its precarious position when he climbed a wooden ladder back down to the road. Police said that he was going 70km when a tricycle suddenly appeared and he swerved to avoid it and lost control when he accidentally stepped on the accelerator.

The Honda CR-V has to be lifted back down onto the road by a crane and luckily no one was hurt in the crash, except the pride of the driver.

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