Honda Civic Type R Three Tailpipes Not On Overkill

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Most people did not get why Honda wanted their Honda Civic Type R to come with three tailpipes. It did not help make the Type R look any better, in fact, a lot of people felt that the extra tailpipe made the vehicle look odd.

However, Honda explained that the extra tailpipe wasn’t there to jazz up the look of the vehicle. It actually has a purpose. The two outer pipe leads to the large muffler while the smaller centre pipe leads to the resonator. According to the reports, this will allow the car to produce a loud exhaust noise when needed and also quiet things down when cruising down the highway.

They did this so that drivers won’t get overwhelmed by all the load noise cars like this produces when they are running at a high speed on the highway.

It seems like fans are split right down the middle when it comes to the new Honda Civic Type R. Some fans were happy with all the major changes Honda made while others think that Honda went overboard with the design. What do you think?

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